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Thoughts / Lighthouse Audits - 100s all around.

11th May at 14:01

Last night I decided to run Lighthouse audits on my website to check the website's performance, accessibility, and SEO.

I am always mindful of front end performance when I develop websites so was interested to see what results I got for this site.

I was pleasantly surprised that the site already scored almost 100 in both Performance and Accessibility right off the bat, with SEO in the early 80s.

After making changes suggested by Chrome's Lighthouse audits, I ended the evening with the following results:

Although there are scores of 100/100 for all the audits, there is still room for improvement, and some of the pages on the site are still lacking crucial on page SEO actions.

I guess another question is should I make this website a Progressive Web App?

It would be very fun to learn about that in further detail, and it seems that many websites and web apps will make the switch. It's definitely a possibility for the future!

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