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Thoughts / It's nearly ready.

10th May at 11:54

I'm so happy to say that my new portfolio site, is so close to being ready.

If you're reading this, version 1 is already live!

To be honest, the most difficult part for me was writing the PHP that powers the Craft API.

I had only really used PHP for simple WordPress theme templating in the past.

I am so excited to share this with people.

The build has been a breeze so far, and it's been fun to be the creative person for once and get more of a say in decisions that affect users, and being able to make design decisions I believe will benefit the usability and accessibility of the website.

  • Most of the site body text sticks to the browser default font-size of 16px, which is excellent for readability (there's a reason all the clever browser-makers chose it as their default font-size for paragraphs).
  • No carousels (statistically proven to receive poor engagement)
  • No content hidden in modals, the content is great so why hide it? Don't make it inaccessible to those without JavaScript. Traversing your content on a screen reader may be more challenging too ¯\_(⊙︿⊙)_/¯
  • Dark mode is available for users who prefer that
  • Design system constraints to ensure visual consistency and clarity in cascading styles. Work with the browser, not against it
  • Reasonable use of assets and JavaScript to encourage strong front end performance
  • Animations and transitions are disabled if a user prefers not to see them
  • Buttons are not links!

Also: JAMStack is interesting!

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