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A statically generated Single Page Application. Powered by Craft CMS on the back end and hosted for free by Netlify and AWS.


Got JAM?

When I decided to update my portfolio, I wanted to keep similar performance to my old GitHub Pages portfolio. However, I still wanted to avail of the benefits provided by a traditional CMS. As a result, I built a REST API for the Craft CMS backend, and statically generated the website using Eleventy and Nunjucks. I setup CI/CD on Netlify and managed forms there too. I used Barba.js to make the website behave like a SPA. The result? You can be the judge of that!

An Image of Google Lighthouse Accessibility Audit 100%

100% Accessible

As I have said throughout this website, Web Accessibility is something I am trying to understand better. I feel like there is a real niche for developers who understand it because many developers skip over this crucial element of design and development. More importantly, inclusive design and accessible websites is simply the right thing to do, morally. I used Lighthouse Audits to improve the website's accessibility score.

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