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Career / Eyekiller.


Front End Developer

After learning web development online while working in insurance and offering freelance web design services, I got a job at Eyekiller.

The team at Eyekiller made the transition towards working full time as a developer as painless as possible, and now my days fly by. There's never enough time in a day!

I use technologies such as HTML, CSS, SCSS (Sass), Bootstrap, Foundation, Tailwind CSS, JavaScript, Vue.js, Git, NPM, Twig, Craft CMS, WordPress, and PHP for WordPress.

I work primarily on the front end but would sometimes assist with CMS integration. I always try to learn about the full stack.

I research web accessibility and follow cutting edge developments in the HTML and CSS specifications then share this knowledge with the front end team, and learn of further developments in front end technology from the development team.

Some of the clients I am very lucky to have worked with include:

  • Fruice
  • The Odyssey
  • Van Morrison
  • McKeown's Solicitors
  • Orpheus Chamber Orchestra
  • And many more!

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