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My Story

And how I got into Web Development

When I finished my studies at Regent House, I didn't really know what I wanted to do for a career.

All I knew was that I loved playing guitar, and I wanted to at least help people in whatever I did for 8-10 hours a day.

In my first job, I met my future wife, Carly.

An image of a wedding

In 2015, our daughter was born.

One year later, I decided that I wanted to find a job that made me happy. Shortly afterwards, I started learning development from online courses.

In 2019, I finally plucked up the nerve to apply for jobs. I would send local companies applications to do voluntary work experience, even if they weren't hiring. Nobody replied.

I finally landed my first interview at a local agency, and came 2nd out of 60 applicants. This gave me motivation to keep applying.

A few weeks later, I was offered an interview at a local agency. The company was one that I had admired for a while, and was one that I had hoped to work for later in my career.

I was delighted to accept their offer.

Since starting as a developer, I've learned a lot. And I've realised that my favourite aspects of front end development are improving accessibility and performance (months of legacy code gives you a good eye for that), and JavaScript.

It's now 2020, and I've been working as a Front End Developer since mid 2019, and I still love it as much as I did in the beginning.

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